The Sunday after All Saints’ Day

Choral Evensong today at 5:00 p.m. Officiant will be Peter Vazquez and The Rev. Todd Young, Preacher. Choral music by George Dyson and William Harris; organ music by Alexandre Guilmant and John Cook. Reception in Trimble Hall will follow Evensong, coordinated by the Parish Life Commission.

No Children’s Chapel on November 11th: In order to let the parents and youth choirs participate fully in Youth Led Sunday, there will be no Children’s Chapel or Little Episcopals on Sunday, November 11th.  The Nursery will still be staffed and attended for children under 2 years old. 

Artists/Craftsmen’s Fundraiser: Please visit the tables at the Antietam Street entrance showcasing our own artisans’ arts and crafts.  These objects are being donated for sale to help raise funds for our church.  ALL proceeds will go to Saint John’s operating account.  The art and craft items will be available before and after services today and on November 11, and 18, as well as for Evensong today at 5:00 p.m.. Participating in this fundraiser is another way we can show support for our mission to Worship, Welcome, Serve, and Encourage.

Homemade Thanksgiving Pie and Lemon Cheesecake Sale: The Service and Outreach Commission will be holding their 3rd annual Thanksgiving Pie and Lemon Cheesecake Sale in November. The following homemade pies can be purchased baked or frozen for baking later. Apple, Pumpkin pies -$12 each Apple-Cranberry-Walnut, Cherry, Mincemeat, Pecan-Cream Cheese pies $15 each Lemon Cheesecake $25 each (Sold baked but can be frozen for serving later.) All pies and cheesecakes are nine inches in diameter.  Pie crusts, pies and cheesecakes are made freshly in our kitchen November 19-21. Pick-up will be November 20-21. Orders can be made at the Antietam Street Entrance through Sunday, November 11 or by calling Sue Sowers at 301-733-4370 by Wednesday, November 14. Pre-payment is required. All proceeds support our outreach projects. Thank you for your support!


Saint John’s Shelter: Saint John’s Shelter is collecting donations to give each family at the shelter a $50.00 gift card for Thanksgiving. If you would like to donate please make checks payable to Saint John’s Shelter noting in the memo section “Thanksgiving”. Give checks or money to Bill Soulis or Ann Chaney by November 15th.  Thank you. Saint John’s Shelter Board

Christmas Boutique Reminder: Needed donations: items in good condition but no longer needed, that would be a nice gift for someone else. Examples: jewelry, collectibles, artwork, craft items you have made, home decor, etc. NOT WANTED: Christmas decor, old sports equipment, clothing, shoes, furniture, anything worn or dirty. Thanks!

Saint John’s Week at Reach Cold Weather Shelter, begins Sunday, February 10th through February 16th – Volunteer sign-ups will begin early this year starting on Sunday the 28th.  There are sign-up sheets at the Antietam entrance and you’re welcome to call or email, too: Missy 717-420-7118,  Kitchen volunteers between the ages of 13 and 17 are WELCOME when accompanied by a responsible adult! Carla Charles is once again coordinating the kitchen & meals for Saint John’s.  All volunteers in the Shelter must be adults 18 or over and we hope you’ll prayerfully consider volunteering one or two or even more nights. Together, we shoulder the responsibility of providing a minimum of 10 volunteers PLUS a kitchen crew and warm meal EACH of those nights and one more each morning. A variety of tasks are available and most commitments are just 2 to 3 hours, some a little longer, none more than overnight. Once you have signed up for a task please go online and fill out your volunteer form on the Reach website below.  You can visit the Reach website: or call Missy for more information. THANK YOU!

Bester School Needs: Bester Elementary School is back in session and so is the need for new underwear for its youngest students. The school and its needy families greatly appreciate our donations.  Sizes needed are: 4, 6, and 8 for both boys and girls.  Please contact Lou Lamb or call her at 301-437-5704.

Van Drivers and/or Supervisor: We are in need a a van drivers and/or a Supervisor. This ministry provides transportation to who cannot get to Saint John’s without assistance. If you are interested or have any questions please contact Bob Speelman at 540-247-2482.


Micah’s Backpack Shopping List

Each “backpack” receives the following:

2- Cans of Vegetables – Corn/Green beans                                        1 - 24 oz. Can of Apple Sauce

2- Cans of Soup – Tomato/Chicken Noodle                                        1 - Packet of Instant Oatmeal

      *Other types of Soups are okay                                                              2 - Types of Cracker Packets

2 - Boxes of Juice – Must be 100% Juice                                                           *Peanut Butter and Crackers                        

 1 - Can of Tuna                                                                                                          work well

1 - Can of Chef Boyardee                                                             1 - Individually Wrapped PopTart

      *Spaghetti and Meatballs or Ravioli                                                    *Make sure a box of PopTarts is

                                                                                                                            individually wrapped



                        In Remembrance of those who passed in the last year




Sandy Adams

Harriet Ankeney

Nicole Bachtell

Diane Book

Betty Burger

Juanita Burger

Kam-Ling Chu (beloved   

             Father of Helen

Jara Connor

Judy Corderman

Peggy Costion

Julio Davila

The Right Reverend Albert  

             Theodore Eastman

Gary Freund

Joan Fulghum

Robert Graham

Bill Gurley

Jacques Hager

Jon Hart

Mary Hawthorne

Helen Isadore

Queenie Jarrett

Jeff Jones

Edward Knepper

Robert Kovach, Jr.

Robert Kovach, Sr.

Nora LaRue (Mother of 

    Howard Whittington) 

Opa Lenschow

Charles Lingston

Veronica Lolakis

Jim Maly

Richard Mannebach

Arvid Martin

Betty Marino

Lorie Markstrom

Linda McCusker

Michael McCusker

Katherine (Trink) McGinley

Bess Roberts Minor

Bill Nisley

Polly O'Bier

Edith Peacock

Edith Perdue

Spence Perry

Emile Pitt

Cindia Ponce de Leon

H. Ramirez

The Reverend David Ross

Paul Frank Rovnak

Fernando Sanabria

Shirley (Forbes) Sherman

Anna Mac Simpson

Kathy Steffee

Ethan Strait

Shirley A. Strait

Peyton Swope

Jose Torres

John W. Webb

June Webb

Shante Smith Westman

John W. Whitmore

Felicity Anson Woodhouse

Teresa Worrell

















                                   In Remembrance of others who have passed



Zell Abeles

James D. Albert

Joseph H. Alexander, Col. 

                       USMC (Ret.)

Jacqueline B. Alexander

Trey Angle

Geoffrey Rupert Anson

Edward Peter Anson

Bertha Austin

Dr. Curtis Austin

Ron Bachtell

Tom and Gloria Baker

Beulah Ballard

Ethan Ballard

George Ballard

James Ballard

Richard Ballard

Catherine Barrett

Dean Bartles

Frank Blauton

Sarah Blauton

Chaplain Bob

Alberta Bracken

Allen Bracken

Bobby Lee Bracken

Dorothy Bracken

Edward Bracken

Helen Bracken

James Bracken

James Bracken, Jr.

Richard Bracken

 Robert Bracken

 Thomas Bracken

 Philip S. Brooks

 Philip Brooks, Sr.

 Stella and Louis Bryan

 Fred Burford

 Ellen Burford

 Nora and Elmer Byers

 James Consadene, Jr.

 James Consadene, Sr.

Roy Consadene

Janice Austin Cook

Annie Prue Soulis Cooke

Christian Andrew Cox

William H. Danneberg, Jr.

Araminta Dausinger

Robert and Shirley Davis

Elsie and Clayton Forbes

Sandra Forbes

Ann A. Foreman

Festus M. George

Olive George

Cdr. William W. Grant, Jr. 

                           USN (Ret.)

Grant S. Haines

Betty J. Hart

Franklin Hendricks

Mary Hendricks

Mary Virginia Henry

Walkie Virginia Henry

Florence and George Hill

Mary Ann Hines

Hamilton M. Hutton

Mary T. Hutton

Richard Hutton 

Leonard Isadore

Mamma Jan

Ben Jones

Carl and Marguerite Kappel

Adaline Kendall Knepper

Genevieve Krause

Donald and David Leger

Hazel and Harry Lentz

Lenny Lentz

Terry A. Lewis

Dorothy Machette

Willis and Virginia Mangum

Della P. Massey

Wade Matthews

Charles McKee

Frances McKee

Jane Allan McKee

Richard D. McKee

Richard D. McKee II

David S. Moore

Jimmie R. Moore, Capt. USN 


Lula Morgan

Irene Munson

Henry Neise

Jean Newland

Lynn Hosteller Nisley

Charlie O’Bier

James and Elizabeth O'Brien

Betty W. Palmer

William Parker

Catherine and Laurin Potter, Sr.

Judy Potter

William Orie Potts

Dr. Albert Rapp

Helen Rapp

Deacon Al Rose

Mary Rozes

Spiros Rozes

Robert A. Sheridan

Larry Smith

Henry Smither III

Henry and Harriette Smither

Julie Smither

Charles and Berniece Snyder

Harold A. Soulis

Eddie Taylor

Lela Taylor

John and Claudette Terceira

Maria and Nicolas Velazquez

James and Doris Viar

Marie Wagner

Daniel Webb

Gary Webb

Helen Weber

Mac Weber

Dorothy Williams

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