The Second Sunday after Pentecost

Donations for St. John’s Shelter for Homeless Families: The last Sunday in June is coming up so our food donations will again go to the Shelter. The congregation has been so generous with this and we are most grateful. Non-perishable items such as single serving hot and cold cereals, cans of spaghettios, pork and beans, chili; Italian sauces and dry noodles, Ramen, canned meats such as tuna, chicken and salmon; mushroom, chicken, and celery soups for casseroles; other soups; rice and beans; canned tomatoes and other veggies, peanut or other nut butters, etc.. The donation baskets are outside the choir room on Sunday morning. Our Shelter also continues to be in need of pots, pans, skillets, and other cooking equipment. The Board feels it is important to encourage our adult clients to prepare healthy meals as opposed to fast food and junk food, but they need the proper equipment to do this. And . . . do you have any old cookbooks you would like to give away?? Please call Melissa Hutton @ 240-625-6550 to let me know, and then leave these donations at the church office. All donations greatly appreciated!

An Appeal for the Community Café: Every year the Maryland Food Bank offers holiday meal packages. In the past when we have been quick enough we have purchased some of these meal packages to give out at the Café and to the Shelter. This year the Food bank is partnering with Giant Foods to make the meal packages more available. The Meal packages consist of a 10 to 12 pound turkey and an addition box of canned and dry mixes to complete the meal package. The cost is $10 per meal and come in case lots of four meals each. Also every year Susan and I try to do something a little extra for the patrons of the Café and the possibility of these meals seem to be a perfect fit. We would need about 100 meals.

In the past the parishioners have always been generous in their support of the Café so once again we are asking for your support in raising the additional funds needed to purchase these meal packages. We are thinking that we will need to order these Meal packages sometime in July and they will be delivered in November and would be distributed at the December Café. So any help you can give would be appreciated. Please send all donations to the office and mark them for Café Meal Packages and as always Susan and I can’t thank you enough for your continued support for the Café. Thank you, Bob and Susan Rauth.


Christmas Boutique Fundraiser for J2A (Journey to Adulthood): It may only be the end of June, but it is never too early to start looking around for no longer needed or wanted re-giftable items you can donate to the Christmas Boutique. We need items that are clean and in good repair, and that others would appreciate receiving as a gift at Christmas. There is an article in the July “Soundings” that lists lots of ideas: games, toys, puzzles, jewelry, scarves, art works, ceramics, collectibles, decorative photo frames, even crafts you might like to make and donate. So take a look at the article for more information, and look for monthly reminders and additional information in “Soundings”. A collection box will be on the stage at Trimble Hall.  For more info, call or text: Melissa Hutton cell 240-625-6550, or Joelene Young cell 541-659-8152. And thank you!!

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